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Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé and Kate Bally contacted Lawwwnch (January 2018) for a website to launch their clothing line, Pirouette.

Pirouette fashions are designed for versatility, wearable day and night, using the highest-quality fabrics and handmade in NYC. 

Pirouette was referred to me by Lisa Danca of Sperling Interactive because Pirouette was looking for a Squarespace site at the time (one of my specialties) and the scale of the site was on the smaller side for them. 

Pirouette had just completed a branding initiative with Hugo Collective and so it was really fun to bring the brand vision to life online.

One interesting development to share is that we launched the site in April and as of the end of June we are migrating to a new platform (Shopify) in order to maximize their online marketing tools and integrations. We did a quick pivot to meet Pirouette's business needs. I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship growing and evolving together.


The expertise, creativity, and detail that Lily Weitzman brings to website building is above and beyond what anyone would expect outside of a large branding agency. Thanks to her attention to detail and impressive project management, our new e-commerce site went live with all the features and add-ons we requested, plus several more we hadn’t thought of. Pirouette is ready for prime time thanks to Lily.

Tara contacted Lawwwnch (July 2018) because she wanted to update her website. She loved her site design however did not like the platform it was built on and needed a new resource for making updates. Fast forward just a few weeks to:

  • A gorgeous, migrated website with automated digital content delivery - a huge improvement for Tara so she doesn't need to manually fulfill orders for her awesome yoga videos.

  • A retreat webpage with online sign up (and inventory management) and corresponding Mailchimp email and social media campaign.


I just have to write and thank you so massively for all your help, collaboration, team work, patience, and talent. I am trying to get five T.Spoon shoots edited in two days, before I shoot two more, go to Nantucket, and then go to Maine for four days. Oh, and book the retreat. I could not have even imagined getting all of this done without you so thank you so so so so much! You are really exactly what I’ve been looking for for years. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Mariah contacted me (January 2018) because she wanted to update her website. She had a successful counseling practice since 1999 and wanted to have her online presence match her current offering which included weight and lifestyle counseling as well as bereavement support (for loss of a loved one and pet). Mariah and I created a new logo and brand identity, website, business cards, letterhead, professional email and newsletter, blog, social presence (Facebook, Linkedin) and a content calendar to provide regular and relevant information to her customers and prospects. 


Lily helped me design my website, Take a look. She is so easy to work with and has just the right insight and touch to make your site really work. I would highly recommend Lily Weitzman!
— Mariah

Evelyn contacted Lawwwnch (February 2019) because she wanted to update her website.

Evelyn is an artist in Brookline, MA and was interested in promoting her work to a larger audience. Her work is in hospitals, schools, galleries and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. The website she had was “fine up until now” but it was time for a change.

Lisa Schreider, owner of Lisa’s Hands of Time Concierge and a schoolmate if Lily’s at Newton South High School, referred Evelyn to Lawwwnch. (Thank you, Lisa!!)

Fast forward just a few weeks to:

  • A beautiful logo that represents Evelyn and her brand

  • A gorgeous, migrated website with large visuals of her beautiful paintings

  • An ecommerce solution for buying original artwork

  • An integrated store with Fine Art America for buying reprints

  • A Mailchimp account with integrated campaigns

Brian Neyenhouse contacted me (February 2018) because he was starting a new small-batch, handcrafted granola business and needed a website. He was referred to me by Gavin Mish of M&H Consulting, who I highly recommend for comprehensive business Technical Support solutions.

Brian and I chatted by phone and I learned about the permitting process for making/selling food, commercial kitchens, food labels and so much more.

We decided to move forward together and worked closely to bring "Clover" to life for the logo and then designed the labels for the packaging, then the website, business cards, and farmer's market materials (table throw and banner). 

As soon as Brian got permitted he started baking in the commercial kitchen at Worcester Regional Food Hub and the orders are flowing in! His wholesale permit was also just approved so next up are a few exciting partnerships. In the meantime he's at local farmer's markets. Pick up a bag!


We recently started a small business. Lily was recommended to us from a friend, who also gave us the name of a larger web development company. After speaking and meeting with Lily, there was no question that she was the right choice for us. The work that she did for us was impeccable. She always went above and beyond our expectations on everything she did. Lily was always willing to go outside of her initial scope of work to help us with every facet of starting our business. We simply could not have done this without her help and expertise. Most importantly, she feels like a part of our family. She is an amazing woman to work with both personally and professionally. We could never recommend her enough.
— Brian Neyenhouse

Lawwwnch has partnered with Risa Kent of Stride Creative for gorgeous branding + logo development. Risa created our Lawwwnch branding and we fell in love with her process and her work.

We get to know what matters to you and your clients. When you only have seconds to make an impression, you need a well-designed logo to capture their attention, their curiosity, and ultimately their business. If you can dream it, we can design it.