Brian Neyenhouse contacted me (February 2018) because he was starting a new small-batch, handcrafted granola business and needed a website. He was referred to me by Gavin Mish of M&H Consulting, who I highly recommend for comprehensive business Technical Support solutions.

Brian and I chatted by phone and I learned about the permitting process for making/selling food, commercial kitchens, food labels and so much more.

We decided to move forward together and worked closely to bring "Clover" to life for the logo and then designed the labels for the packaging, then the website, business cards, and farmer's market materials (table throw and banner). 

As soon as Brian got permitted he started baking in the commercial kitchen at Worcester Regional Food Hub and the orders are flowing in! His wholesale permit was also just approved so next up are a few exciting partnerships. In the meantime he's at local farmer's markets. Pick up a bag!

Please see below for a testimonial and samples of the work.

We recently started a small business. Lily was recommended to us from a friend, who also gave us the name of a larger web development company. After speaking and meeting with Lily, there was no question that she was the right choice for us. The work that she did for us was impeccable. She always went above and beyond our expectations on everything she did. Lily was always willing to go outside of her initial scope of work to help us with every facet of starting our business. We simply could not have done this without her help and expertise. Most importantly, she feels like a part of our family. She is an amazing woman to work with both personally and professionally. We could never recommend her enough.
— Brian Neyenhouse