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Alicia started Padme PT for 2 reasons. She wanted to offer:

1. Individualized care. Undivided time for hands-on manual techniques, education, answering all questions related to the injury, and fully supervised therapeutic exercises and stretches. No rushing from one patient to the next, no treating multiple patients at once.

2. All care provided by an experienced clinician versus utilizing support staff. Consistent and effective care. 

Both elements will provide a vehicle for healing more efficiently and effectively.  At Padme PT Alicia is able to have the time and space to be thorough and comprehensive with every step of the rehab process: from recognizing parts of the patient's daily life that may be contributing to the pain, to hands on manual techniques that will create movement and tissue mobility, to prescribing an in-clinic and at-home program that will address the patient's functional limitations.

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